Dengie Cider

In 2012 we started working in collaboration with a local cider maker who was forming the Dengie Cider Company, initially we were going to market, package and distribute there cider but due to unforeseen circumstances in 2013 we took over the production too.
This extended range of cider, made here at Southminster, makes us one of the most diverse brewers in the UK.

We can offer Dengie 'Medium Dry' or 'Dry' Cider in bottles or keg at 5% or in Bag In Boxes at 6%.

Our 'Cherry Bomb' is a fruit cider fermented with cherry juice. Available in bottles and Bag in Boxes at 4%

We also now do an extended range of fruit flavoured ciders. Raspberry, Blueberry and Elderflower. All 4% and available in Bag in Box or keg.

For the winter we also produce a 'Spiced Cider' that's fantastic served hot or cold. Again it's available in bottles and Bag in Boxes at 4%

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